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Welcome to the Spiderweb Roleplay Wiki!

Together we can make our role plays better by indexing information to make it easier for each other to find. Everyone who plays a character in a Spiderweb role play is encouraged to input information about their character for others to know.

We currently have 40 articles that need special attention. Help us by fixing these pages! A full list can be seen at this page. Also, 0 articles are outdated, and must be updated! Before you begin to edit, please read the page structure guidelines, and follow them closely.

See CalRefForums Topic 187 for the official thread of this Wiki.

If you forget your password or something weird happens, PM Sylae on any forum and she will fix the error.

Currently Indexed Roleplays

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Statistics last updated 02/23/2018 06:46

We currently have 1,321 pages. 229 of these are articles, written by 120 users. Our users have made a total of 4,765 edits and modifications. The server is currently running Mediawiki 1.27alpha (ab0a02f).

The are 0 active users.

  • 105 pages are dedicated to FTaWSotR.
  • 55 pages are dedicated to PS.
  • 53 pages are dedicated to ANWO.
  • 36 pages are dedicated to UtSS.
  • 25 pages are dedicated to ASG
  • 25 pages are dedicated to HttP.
  • 18 pages are dedicated to FtA.
  • 8 pages are dedicated to GnG.
  • 7 pages are dedicated to NotL.

Post Porting Project Stats
FTaWSotR: 100%
ANWO: 100%
PS: 100%
GnG: 100%
UtSS: 100%
Rebirth: 100%
FtA: 100%

Current Events

Jan 6, 2016

RPwiki has transitioned to Cobalt. This was also the most significant changeset/upgrade the wiki has had since the move to MediaWiki itself. Please be diligent about reporting bugs!

May 2, 2014

Neb has completed the Refuge Post Porting Project.

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